Conscious Life Styling
Living A Conscious Life

Living a Conscious life one is aware that their choices and actions create a gigantic ripple effect and knowing that, are guided by a high moral compass. You are...

  • Caring about the chain of events that occur to make food arrive on your plate

  • Considering who makes your clothes and gadgets and the conditions they live in

  • Thinking of all life and committing to care for humans, animals, plants and our great blue planet

  • Knowing happiness is an inside job (even if sometimes we forget)

  • Doing what it takes to treat the body as a temple and keeping in the best shape possible

  • Using kindness as a roadmap

  • Speaking with empathy and compassion and considering healthy relating next to godliness

  • Cultivating tools to be present, patient and embracing possibility

  • Knowing that life is precious and fully embracing each moment of this short life

  • Being aware that you have a higher purpose and committing to finding and living it

  • Recognizing ingrained habits & unconscious conditioning and kicking down their stubborn walls

  • Living with full totality and saying yes to the flow of the moment

  • Knowing that having integrity is worth everything

  • Being an instigator of Interconnectedness and are helping to ignite a #CompassionRevolution!

Styling a mindful life through Conscious Culture

Conscious culture is the creative happenings of the external world that lifts society up.

  • Art with meaning and mindfulness

  • Events of substance that stimulate awareness and dialogue

  • Fashion based in sustainability and interconnection

  • Restaurants and cafes that are led by a higher moral compass

  • Spaces designed with a holistic principles

  • Organic spas that make it their duty not to pollute

  • Yoga and movement teachers with inspiring vision

  • Healers that impact your healing purely and deeply

  • Teachers and teachings that stimulate you to be a better person

  • Educational opportunities which expand and blow your mind wide open

  • Travel with purpose led by interconnection as the guide

  • Books with meaning that wake up the sleeping soul

  • Socially responsible companies that put people before profit

Services Offered

Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.
— Tom Robbins