Cami Arrow is an actor and commercial and lifestyle model based in Brooklyn, NY. With light hazel eyes that can be both fierce and gentle, yet always noticeable, and a contagious smile, Cami adds an element of authenticity and presence to your screen and photos.

With a lean advanced yogi and dancer body, Cami has excellent alignment, form and body awareness.

Though open to all types of projects, Cami specializes in healthy lifestyle shoots and prioritizes working on projects who hold a vision to make the world a better place, and who promote graceful ageing and healthy living.

Easy to work with, follows direction well yet is creative with movement and expression, tenacious, to assist you in manifesting your full vision.

Please inquire HERE or for Cami’s modeling agent - Briauna Mariah @ WeSpeak 425-381-3300

The Many Looks of Cami Arrow

Portraying the Mother of on Zara on her recent released music video. Dâya means Mother in Kurdish). Featured throughout video

Portraying Orthodox Jewish Foster Mother (1:01-1:09) OHEL Gala 2018: Opening doors

“Thanks for Sharing” movie clip. Featured Dancer behind Pink and Josh God. Seen throughout clip

HubSpot Video - “This Is Your Customer” 3/11/2019. See @ .20 and @ 1:18