Founder & Creative Director

Cami Arrow


Cami is a culture loving, certified health coach, yoga teacher, a mindful model  and a cause-based social marketer on a mission to ignite a Compassion Revolution and support the unfolding of a healthy, conscious and interconnected planet.

I began the conscious path at the very innocent age of 17 when she became a yogi and health food fanatic. Leaving no page unturned, I devoured books and teachings around health, spirituality and mindful living. Cami traversed the globe seeking wisdom on each continent, even embracing the radical path of Osho’s teaching for many years.

Winning the Ms. Congenial award in high school, it didn’t take a bungee jump for Cami to naturally fall into the profession of promoter, event producer and marketing aficionado. Starting this career prior to the digital age, she learned her trade the good ole grassroots way selling sustainable fashion at outdoor markets, flyering the town, talking to people face to face and even highly excelled at a street promotion job with Boom Chicago - the Amsterdam based comedy show where Seth Meyers got his start. As the years went by, Cami stayed current (and obsessed) as social media and the Internet changed the face of marketing and events. As a lifelong learner, Cami is perpetually educating herself to understand where the trends are heading.

Combining her love of mindfulness and her natural public facing abilities, Cami worked at some of the most legendary institutions in the mind-body-spirit field including The Omega Institute, East West Books and the New York Open Center. She had the honor of hosting and supporting some of the greatest faculty in this industry including Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, the late Pattabhi Jois, Julia Cameron, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert, JP Sears, Deepak Chopra and many, many more. 

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Being connected with the NYC and global community of consciousness raising movers and shakers, she is honored to share their talents with you.  

After approximately 500,000 downward dogs later with a commitment to living yogic principles both on and off the mat for over 30 years, combined with her get your hands dirty - do whatever it takes training and experience, Cami is qualified to be your go-to expert both personally and professionally. Whether you are new on the path or seasoned on the path needing support to get more healthy and conscious yourself or you are ready to share your gifts to the world and need the help to get the word out - Cami Arrow is your gal.